Hi, I’m Dana

Thanks for checking out my work!

When people ask how long I have been doing this “art thing” I say most of my life. My brother and sister were cooler than I was so I had plenty of time to develop a love for paint and everything in the local art store.


A bit about me


I received my MFA in illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Go Bees! I am an east coaster living in Kansas City, MO and loving it. Watercolor is my main squeeze but I also play the field with acrylic, ink, digital, and many other mediums. I am kept company by my cat and husband who insist that they do not like one another but have agreed to share a space.


More stuff about me...


Things I like

Dirty Martinis (gin, multiple olives), Pickles, New Socks

Celebrity look alike

Ms. Frizzle

Spirit animal

An otter who wants to be a shark

Favorite color


Deepest, darkest secret

I don’t actually like the taste OR smell of donuts

Hard No

Karaoke, Jager


Working with Dana Cohen is a breath of fresh air; she has talent, but no ego, organized but flexible, a great listener and reader, she always listens, looks, assesses and then acts.  So you save a lot of time with no false starts, just thumbnails so charming they are like a box of candy and you want to use them all. Her real life verve and personality matches her authentic and genuine talent. So if this sounds a bit flattering, it’s meant to be; I don’t recommend many writers or artists, fyi, and like to be steered right myself.

-Carole Marsh.         

CEO/founder Gallopade International


Working with cohen illustration

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