I was so lucky to be chosen to be part of Reactor KC’s June First Friday show this year. The specs were really open leaving A TON of room for creativity. Size, medium, etc were all up to the artist. The only requirement was the work had to fit the theme ORANGE. This was a project I could get behind because I had been not using orange in my palette lately. Do you ever feel like you are leaning too heavy on certain colors and ignoring others?

I started working on thumbnail sketches on a May Friday night with a glass of wine. Maybe it was the KC heat or maybe it was my extreme love of waterparks but the result was a lazy river illustration. I wanted to show all different people enjoying the water and soaking up the sun. In my opinion there is something about a waterpark that allows people to finally relax, find some self acceptance, and have a great time. I used an opaque black and orange gouache to provide a pop and contrast to the transparency of the watercolor.

The following pictures may not be the best quality but they do track my process as I worked on the illustration. 😋

Refined Sketch

Color Comp/Study


Small Studies


Step By Step